“To cultivate and celebrate radical cultural influences”






mixed media artist

‘Born in West Germany in 1987, Patrik Wallner is a Hungarian adventure travel filmmaker who specializes in creating innovative professional skateboarding videos that give viewers a very different take on places and societies that are most often not cast in a favorable light. Patrik is constantly pushing the envelope with…


mixed media artist

Alyssa Tang is a visual artist and architectural designer born and raised in Toronto. Currently completing her Masters of Architecture at the University of Hong Kong, Alyssa has been pursuing art in parallel with her exploration in spatial design. Her Canadian Chinese identity combined with a transient…


digital artist

With multiple autoimmune diseases that constantly prompt her immune system to attack her own body, Sophia Hotung at times has to take 41 pills in one day. In 2018, the Hongkonger had been working at a top firm in Scotland, hen she became too sick to continue and returned to her hometown in 2019, where she…


mixed media artist

Tyler Jackson Pritchard is a multidisciplinary artist focusing in painting and photography creating a new vernacular that bridges the gap between abstraction and representational art…

Riya Chandiramani

mixed media artist

Riya Chandiramani’s paintings explore bold ideas in today’s society with intricacy and wit. Referencing iconography from both traditional and popular cultures, Riya’s art consistently reminds us of how far…


mixed media artist

Mooncasket (Evangeline Chan) is a Hong Kong-based illustrator who is known for her cute and quirky character doodles. Mooncasket runs against the grain, delivering art for the humble and young at heart from…

louise soloway chan

mixed media artist

Born 1962 in London and educated in England and India, Louise Soloway Chan is a visual story-telling artist trying to capture the essence of the rapidly changing city. Louise’s works had been exhibited extensively in…

Francesco Lietti

mixed media artist

Francesco Lietti has been living in Hong Kong since early 2006 and his love of this vibrant, eclectic city is immediately apparent in his works, which derives from the mnemonic imagery of the artist, who lives in …


mixed media artist

Born in South Africa, Ross Turpin paints to demonstrate the culmination of his recent personal evolution. Ross uses mixed media to create figurative and abstract art inspired by recurring visions…


mixed media artist

RUSS RUBIN (b. 1983) is a painter of abstract landscapes from the exotic woods of New Jersey. Working summers in the family factory in Newark, he’d stare out the bullet-holed windows, sketching with his finger in metal dust on an old punch press, dreaming up his future…


mixed media artist

Although best known for his work as a tattoo artist, Richard Phipson has utilised his diverse expertise in a variety of areas. His current series explores themes such as Death. Worship. Pain. Transcendence. These works focus on humanity and the commonalities that unite us…


mixed media artist

The street and studio artist Stern Rockwell was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. Stern was inspired to pursue art after seeing graffiti on the trains of New York City, and his practice now includes this inspiration in his drawings and canvases. Stern has become known for his numerous characterizations…


street artist

OBSRVR is an Earth based street artist and social commentator driven by the stupidity found in the world around us. In various forms, OBSRVR has been creating work on the streets since 2012. Throughout their career, OBSRVR claims to have had interactions with various…


mixed media artist

Born in the 80s in Hong Kong, Benson Koo takes darkness as one of his favorite topics as well as an artistic creation type, so his works tend to permeate distinctive absurdity and fearlessness: images such as death, blood, violence…


oil painter

Ling Lin, whose artist name is lingmuki, is an artist, illustrator and designer based in Hong Kong. Lingmuki had her artworks exhibited in Oxford, Bangkok, Sydney, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Nanjing. She has also been invited by… 


contemporary artist

Alan Borguet was born in Milan in 1988, where he still lives and works. His background comes from the world of graffiti and street art, but over the years his artistic awareness has matured thanks to the approach to painting, inspired above all by the works of the great masters of art Italian….


mixed media artist

The works and the world of Gregg Emery are inherently imperfect: purposefully paradoxical marriages between simplicity and complexity, clarity and confusion. Emery uses each of his works to complicate his two recurring forms: the circle and the rectangle…


mixed media artist

Dominic is the founder of Plastered 8 an established street wear brand in Beijing. He has grown the brand to be a house hold name in Beijing and has collaborated with Adidas, Lulu Lemon and the Grateful Dead on artwork and installations.