Artists to watch out for in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is far from being a cultural desert when it comes to visual arts. It is a city full of independent galleries with tens of exhibitions happening at any given moment. This was especially pronounced following the social unrest of 2019, when subsequent hiatus of transportation of international art caused many galleries to open their spaces to local artists, giving them greater visibility in both the Hong Kong and international landscape. As travel restrictions were tightened during the pandemic, this became even more apparent, and local artists became more forcibly grounded in the Hong Kong art scene. As much as it is a paradise for the aesthetes and art-lovers, plenty of young talent is emerging from this bustling city too. Here is our list of top 5 artists you need to watch out for this year in Hong Kong!


Jackie Lam

In no particular order, the first artist we’ll be keeping a close eye on this year is Jackie Lam @009lifejam! Lam explores philosophy and psychology subjects while making many allusions to particular environments and regions. Doing so in a distinctly international style, drawing inspiration from Japanese manga and European modernist movements – using these many techniques to produce emotionally charged pictures that are displayed in his brilliant and vibrant works. In doing this, he strives to engage the debate between reality and fantasy-fiction.

Wong Sze Wai

Another emerging artist you just can’t miss is Wong Sze Wai @wong_sze_wai ! If you’re an international-jet-setter and art history lover, Wong’s work may feel strangely familiar as she draws inspiration from ancient Chinese murals as well as mediaeval murals from Eastern Europe. In doing so she deliberately explores how history is constantly written and rewritten and the various inconsistencies dotted throughout our world’s histories and historiographies. Through her unique combination of techniques such as repeated washing out and layering, Wong’s artwork emanates an antiquated sense of depth, almost transporting the viewer to a history that never took place.


Artists to watch out for in Hong Kong


Artists to watch out for in Hong Kong


Gaga Ma

Next Hong Kong artist we can’t look away from is tattoo extraordinaire, Gaga Ma @gagama ! Although she doesn’t work with traditional mediums, Ma demonstrates that the human body can be her canvas, and a needle, her brush. Describing her own work as ‘freehand gentle flow & fine line with love’, her designs are primarily composed of elegant curves with a view to themes close to her such as feminism, spirituality, and gender.


Lewis Lee

Another artist to watch out for in Hong Kong is our Young-Soy-represented Lewis Lee @lewislee.scenery ! Recently graduating from the Chinese University of Hong Kong with a major in fine art, Lee enjoys using landscapes to express his personal experiences ranging from his family to his ancestry. Through his work, he responds to the scars left by previous generations, the exploration of identity and constructing his own worldview in a playful and slightly surreal manner. His use of a hazy aesthetics and indistinct forms aims to convey how trauma memories are frequently changed into hazy substitutes where the radiation of vibrant colours is central to the memory.


Artists to watch out for in Hong Kong


Artists to watch out for in Hong Kong


Aries Wu

Last but certainly not least we’re watching out for Aries Wu @wuchunyin.aries ! This Guangzhou-born artist depicts the beauty of life through acres upon acres of vivid and serene landscape garden paintings. Similarly to his earlier work which showcased calmly beautiful pastel flowers by a windowsill, Wu’s most recent collection offers the viewer a unique visual experience that encourages viewers to explore nature and life’s fresh and fantastical aesthetics by submerging them in his whimsical sceneries.


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